Why Russian products

There are lots of features that set Russian food products apart from others:

— Russian manufacturing facilities possess advanced equipment which allows producing high quality food and beverages. The level of industrial development in Russia is currently no less than in Europe.

— Russia has high standards of food safety. Products from Russia undergo all the needed checkouts and tests, they are totally safe and secure for UAE consumers. The Russian Food House has its own procedure of selecting companies, so in our Showroom you will find only superior products.

— Russia has wonderful national cuisine and ancient traditions of food processing. That is why we can offer you a wide range of goods, which include both common products and exotic, exclusively Russian ones. Do not hesitate to taste them!

— If you are looking for popular products that are used daily in most families and in most restaurants apparently you will find them in Russian Food House. Though some of the Russian brands have not been well-known in the UAE yet, their quality can be much higher than the similar products from other countries have.

The primary products in Russia are grown in superior ecological conditions. The trends “eco”, “organic” are not so popular in Russia, because for Russian people the idea of non-organic products sounds perverted; historically and traditionally Russian products have been natural.

— Russian businessmen are easy to deal with. And the team of the Russian Food House will be happy to assist you in the first steps of doing business with Russian manufacturers.