Russian food market

Agriculture and food manufacturing are among the leading sectors of the Russian economy. Over the past few years Russia has done major steps for the development of these industries. Russian companies have invested significant funds in the expansion of their production capacities. In the terms of many types of products, it particularly allies to meat products, Russia has evolved from an importer into an exporter. Russian state authorities are currently implementing major programs of export support.

The volume of Russian food and agricultural export in 2017 stood at $20,7 bln. The main export products included grains (36%), fish and seafood (17%), vegetable oils (12%), chocolate (2.6%).  In 2018 the Russian President Vladimir Putin assigned a task to increase exports of agricultural products to $45 billion by 2024, which means to double the сurrent exports.

The Russian Food industry currently unites over 22 thousand companies, over 2 million people are engaged in manufacturing of food products.

Russian food manufacturers have successfully approved themselves in the UAE market. The Russian companies have already been supplying grains and cereals, confectionery products, eggs, sunflower oil, meat and other products to the UAE market. There exists a significant potential both for expansion of export turnover on the abovementioned types of products and for starting the shipments of other groups of products.

The culture of food processing has been forming in Russia for centuries, absorbing the traditions and set of mind of the nation. The Russian Food House is carefully selecting the best products to present them to the UAE partners. When we are speaking of any processed food, Russian products are worth tasting, and this opinion has been proved by dozens of guests who have already visited the Russian Food House in Dubai. We are proud to introduce new products to the UAE market.