Miratorg -the largest Russian manufacturer and supplier of meat and semi-finished meat products for the HoReCa segment and retail.

The company offers consumers more than 3000 different own-brand products which it produces in-house – marbled beef, pasture-fed beef, pork, chicken, stewed meat, burgers, frozen ready meals, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, and ready-to-eat food. Every year Miratorg produces more than one thousand tons of its products and distribute them throughout Russia – making them accessible for all our consumers.

Miratorg’s company slogan is “Quality Without Compromise”. To ensure that its products are truly without compromise, top-quality and delicious, the company raises all its animals without any use of antibiotics or growth hormones – and doesn’t permit any use of genetically-modified ingredients. Eco-friendly, natural products are what give the Miratorg range its competitive edge.