Duplenskaya mineral water is produced from a 450m deep well from an aquifer confined to sediments of the Kiyalin Formation dating to the Early Cretaceous. Useful properties of this aquifer have been formed over a span of more than 130 million years.

The productive aquifer is shielded by several waterproof strata of rocks and clay. This has ensured the preservation of its amazing mineral properties up to the present and protected from technogenic (industrial and human) pollution.

A low-mineralized water is (1.8-3.5 g / dm.cub.) suitable for daily consumption.

Mineral water is water from a natural source, with the original composition of minerals preserved. Any other water is called potable. The latter includes, for example, water from underground sources and other waters that have passed several stages of purification and thus changed in their chemical composition. Mineral water is valuable for its pristine and natural qualities.