“Baikalika” is bottled deep-sea water that has a significant set of advantages over purified water from artesian wells.

Natural water “Baikalika” is bottled at a modern facility built in 2011 in the protected area of Lake Baikal, Slyudyanka district, Sukhoi Ruchey.

Water is taken from Lake Baikal by an ecological, technically perfect method. The aqueduct takes deep Baikal water at a distance of 3 kilometres from the shore and from a depth of 400 meters, from the “lens”, a place where the water in the lake is the purest and is not affected by environmental influences. The temperature at this depth is almost always stable at 4 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal for the cluster interaction of the atomic structure of water. The deep water of Baikalik contains an increased amount of dissolved natural oxygen, which positively affects the assimilability of microelements dissolved in the water. The benefits of such water for the human body are enormous, as the consumption of Baikal deep water has a restorative and immunomodulatory effect on the human body.