Baikal Aqua

The company LLC Trading company Baikal Aqua is s an exclusive producer of natural drinking water from the depths of Lake Baikal. The bottling plant for drinking water was built in 1996 in a conservation area, on the shores of the largest, cleanest and deepest lake in the world.

The company has own production and an accredited laboratory those guarantee the quality of water at all stages, from bottling water to its sale.

Water is extracted using a unique patented technology from a depth of 400 meters from special layers of Lake Baikal. High oxygen content in water (12 mg / l) has a positive effect on health: it improves overall well-being, increases efficiency, increases energy resources and contributes to the rapid recovery of the body after physical exertion.

Legend of Baikal water meets all international drinking water standards, including foreign ones (certificate of the Fresenius Institute (Germany), certificate of the Institute of Nutrition (Japan), certificate of the Korea Water Works Institute (South Korea).